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5 Inspirational Life Lessons you should learn from your Smartphone

Inspiring life teaching that you should learn from your smartphone.

Life is a wonderful gift from God. We need powerful life lessons to learn, to grow and to do what we want to do in life.Each and everything that we see, that we feel and that we touch can teach life lessons to us.

That 5-inch smartphone can be our great teacher of life. The beauty of life is, lessons are everywhere but we must acquire knowledge to move ahead.

Here are inspiring life lessons for success that we can learn from a mobile phone.

1.Delete garbage thoughts from the mind.

(We uninstall unnecessary apps from our Smartphone)

Thoughts, positive or negative affect our lives too much.

By developing constructive and positive thoughts in conscious and subconscious mind, we can change our entire life; we can crush the mediocrity and do the wonders in a beautiful life.

At first, we install too many unwanted apps on our mobile phones but after realizing that these apps are slowing down our mobile’s RAM, we immediately start to uninstall those fishy apps.

If our mind is Smartphone then negative, destructive, and poor thoughts are those unnecessary apps, which we install in our mind’s brilliant RAM or memory. These useless and meaningless thoughts harass our mind and we start to doubt our ability, strength and knowledge.

Our Smartphone teaches us the precious and positive lesson of life-

Do not carry the burden of pessimistic attitude and negative thoughts, they are harmful to life’s harmony and peace.

Take the lesson and start the action by removing the poisonous thoughts from the mind. The far-reaching positive effect of this activity will reflect after some time through outstanding outcomes.

2.Learning is the need of successful life.

(We update our Mobile’s apps and operating system)

We often update outdated apps and operating system of our Smartphone for getting better user experience. By doing this simple task actually, we can increase the service life of a mobile phone.

An inspirational quote about learning by a great and successful person.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.
Henry Ford

These two simple questions you should ask yourself for a better perspective.
  • Can you remember, when had you decided to learn a new skill last time for growth?
  • Have you learned any new thing or skill in past few years by which your personal and professional growth can be raised to new standards?

If your answer is ”Yes”- Congratulation, you are alive.

If your answer is “No”- Think about one or more than one skill which you can learn in next 3 or 6 months.

Stop making lame excuses and enhance the quality of life by learning new skills. If you do so, your chances of success will be increased by manifold.

Your Smartphone has the empowering life lesson for you-

Do not be the same always. Start updating your personality, behaviour and character and upgrade to a new version of yourself.

A new “YOU”, A better “YOU”.

Try to be an enthusiastic, curious, and lifelong learner; life will be easier, smoother, and happier.

------Emotional Story------

3.You can transform your life anytime once you decided.

(We can change the mobile’s theme anytime to change mobile screen's outer look)

We can customize our mobile’s theme and profile. By changing the theme of a mobile phone, the entire look of Smartphone’s screen can be changed.

Life is another advanced version of Smartphone. Our thoughts, attitude and perception towards the things matters in life.

We just need to change our attitude towards the life’s most critical questions. Every problem can be turned into a solution and every failure can be a ladder of success if our mindset towards the consequences is right.

Our Smartphone has a life-changing lesson for us-

We can change our attitude at any stage of life.Once we owed to transform our mindset then we can mould our life as per our own wish.

4.Pleasant past memories are worth to remember, share and save for a lifetime.

(We can take the backup of Smartphone’s old data)

What first step do we take after buying the new Smartphone?

We take a backup of our old Smartphone’s important contacts, apps, photos, documents, downloads, and other equally essential data.We don't take the backup of all the data that we have on our mobile phone because we do not want to move that junk to our new Smartphone.

Now, think about life.

  • Why do we carry the burden of unpleasant past memories, hatred and ignorance?
  • Why we dwell too much on the past worthless moments?

Think deeply! It is a need of life.

We must think about our achievements, it will enable us to refocus on our strengths, qualities, and skills. What we had accomplished in the past, we can achieve in the future too.

Negative emotions will never help us to learn and grow but positive emotions can shade the light of inspiration to our lives.

The simple but enduring life lesson that we must acquire from the mobile phone-

Do not carry the useless things and thoughts, that will never help you to grow, instead embrace the little things that will add value to the journey of life.

5.Be your own brand-You are Unique.

(Every mobile has its own USP)

Why are people so crazy about iPhone? Because of its uniqueness.

Every smartphone has its own set of settings, apps, and programs and these features help mobile companies to stand out from their competitors.

You definitely have some outstanding qualities and skills to attain success and excellence but the problem is you never try to unlock the hidden potential of your mind.

Your positive approach can open the new doors of opportunities for you, for that the only thing you need to know is,

“Don’t try to compare yourself with others. You are a special gift from God. Find your uniqueness and be your own brand, no matter what others think about you. ”

A powerful quote about being unique.
“Being the best is great, you’re number one. Being unique is greater, you’re the only one”.

The most valuable and precious life lesson, which you should learn from your smartphone-

“Don’t try to copy other people. Be unique and the world will follow you.”

So, next time when the bad situation will test your ability and nothing can help you to overcome then try to take the inspiring lessons from your smartphone.

Tell to other people what life lessons you have learned in life by smartphone and keep motivating others too.

I hope you have enjoyed this motivational article. If you think it is worth to share, do share with your friends on social media platforms and let me know your thoughts about this article via comments.

Keep motivating, keep learning and keep shining.

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