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25 most inspiring YouTube channels to follow for motivation

25 most inspiring YouTube channels for motivation
Motivation is a medicine to cure the disease of failure.

You need inspiration in life to move forward, to do the things with great potential and to break the rules.

Without internal and external motivation fulfilling the dreams is not possible and to come out from mediocrity it’s necessary to nurture the habit of inspiring yourself with the help of motivational books, motivational videos, and motivational blogs.

YouTube is a great source of motivational videos. It’s like a free online learning university.

Today I am going to share with you a list of 25 best motivational YouTube channels that are worth to watch.

25 best YouTube channels for self-improvement

1.TEDx Talks-Ideas from communities around the globe

Started-23 June 2009
Subscribers-9.6 million
Videos-More than 1 lac videos

One of the best ever YouTube channel to watch and subscribe. More than 1 lac videos to motivate you and to transform your personality.

Speakers of around the globe share their knowledge on this platform on diverse topics.

2.Be Inspired

Started-15 April 2015
Subscribers-1.2 million
Videos-62 videos

If you are going through the difficult time then this YouTube channel is for you.

You can find workout motivation videos, morning motivation videos, and other inspiring YouTube videos on this channels playlist.

3.Evan Carmichael-Believe

Started-10 November 2008
Subscribers-1 million
Videos-4,543 videos

If you are interested to know the rules for the success of famous and successful people then this channel is a perfect match.

This channel can charge you to take action and to go ahead in life.

Evan also shares the list of best self-improvement books for entrepreneurs to grow the business.

4.Mateusz M

Started-11 November 2011
Subscribers-More than 9 lac
Videos-23 videos

Only 23 videos but all videos come up with a strong message of awakening.

The USP of this channel is high-quality videos with subtitles.

5.FightMediocrity-Big Ideas for a Better Life

Started-1 August 2014
Subscribers-More than 8 lac
Videos-72 videos

This YouTube channel is very different from other channels on this list.

You can enjoy the animated form of some of your favourite books here with curiosity and entertainment.

If you are fond of books but don’t want to read then watch this channel, acquire knowledge from animated videos and improve quality of your life.

A must watch uplifting youtube channel for everyone.

6.Absolute Motivation-The hardest prison to escape from is your mind.

Started-7 February 2014
Subscribers-More than 6 lac
Videos-47 videos

One of the best motivational channel on youtube.

Inspirational videos on the numerous topics you can find and watch here.


Started-24 October 2013
Subscribers-More than 6 lac
Videos-37 videos

Most of the videos on this channel will motivate you to change your attitude and work hard to achieve the success.

8.Team Fearless

Started-7 January 2015
Subscribers-More than 5 lac
Videos-138 videos

“It’s all within you” that 30-minute video is the heart of this YouTube channel.

This is the most inspiring self-improvement video on YouTube you can watch ever.

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9.Video Advice-Inspiration, Motivation, Education

Started-4 November 2015
Subscribers-More than 4 lac
Videos-56 videos

This channel provides high-quality inspirational videos with the message of determination, hard work, and strong will.

10.Tony Robbins

Started-26 January 2010
Subscribers-More than 3 lac
Videos- 230 videos

Bestseller author and self-improvement guru-Anthony Robbins shares his thoughts about success, business, and life in his youtube channel.

An influencer personality for getting inspiration from his actionable speeches.

11.Law of Attraction Coaching

Started-3 October 2015
Subscribers-More than 2 lac
Videos-314 videos

If you want some quick motivation to go ahead then watch this youtube channel.

Videos like ”Focus on yourself and not others” will tell you why should you think positive about yourself and what is the meaning of progress?

Nice voiceover with a message of get going.

12.Mulligan Brothers-The home of Motivation

Started-19 July 2013
Subscribers-More than 2 lac
Videos-235 videos

Nice organized playlist with some of the most inspiring and personality development videos.

13.Goalcast-Live the impossible

Started-25 September 2015
Subscribers-More than 2 lac
Videos-71 videos

Short speeches of Hollywood stars like Vin Diesel, Leonardo DiCaprio, Sylvester Stallone, and others are the attraction of this YouTube channel.

14.RedFrost Motivation-Ideas that empower and inspire

Started-19 November 2011
Subscribers-More than 2 lac
Videos-62 videos

This channel comes with short motivational films and remix documentaries.

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15.The Journey of Purpose TJOP-Inspiring videos for your journey

Started-11 May 2013
Subscribers-More than 2 lac
Videos-48 videos

Some interesting and thought-provoking videos are here to watch and to think more deeply about life and its secret.

16.Motivation Archive-Where Motivation Lives

Started-29 April 2015
Subscribers-More than 1 lac
Videos-264 videos

The diverse list of motivating videos and speeches.

This channel includes some videos from other YouTube channels also to show and inspire you.

17.Life Without Limbs

Started-9 September 2010
Subscribers-More than 1 lac
Videos-245 videos

If you don’t know about Nick Vujicic then your journey of inspirational life will be incomplete.

What can you achieve in life without limbs? If you don’t know, Nick is there to guide you.

He believes in God and talks about GPS-God’s Positioning System in his videos.

18.HES Motivation-It’s never too late

Started-24 March 2015
Subscribers-More than 1 lac
Videos-226 videos

“You are the hero of your own story”, “Feed yourself with success”, and other life-changing videos you can watch and enjoy here.

19.Your World Within

Started-17 October 2014
Subscribers-More than 1 lac
Videos-143 videos

This is the channel where Eddie Pinero, an author and speaker shares his thoughts and experiences of everyday life in the form of inspiring videos.

20.Motivational Videos- YouTube Channel

Started-26 December 2013
Subscribers-More than 1 lac
Videos-135 videos

Videos like ”Passion”, “Who are you” will definitely blow your mind and change your thinking.

Some very good content to watch and share.

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21.Motivation Madness-Motivate Inspire Achieve

Started-13 May 2014
Subscribers-More than 1 lacs
Videos-117 videos

22.Project Elon-Motivation Advice Inspiration

Started-18 November 2016
Subscribers-More than 1 lacs
Videos-102 videos


Started-22 June 2015
Subscribers-More than 1 lacs
Videos-67 videos

24.Fearless Soul-Yes, you can

Started-7 January 2015
Subscribers-More than 1 lacs
Videos-67 videos

25.Ben Lionel Scott-Whatever it takes

Started-30 January 2013
Subscribers-More than 1 lacs
Videos-63 videos

So, next time if you feel low and want some motivation to kick off then don’t forget to visit my blog for getting inspirational resources like this.

Also, try to share this most inspiring YouTube videos list with your friends and family.


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