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To Be or Not to Be that is the Question-What is your take on it?

How to find passion and take action

To be or not to be that is the Question.

Do you know this phrase?
A phrase from the genius William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.

What do I mean by this?
I mean this is a dilemma of our life.
I mean- you have to push yourself hard to step forward in life.
I mean- You have to kick out procrastination from your daily life.
I mean-You have to take strong action for stunning success.
I mean-No matter what the situation is just - “Do Your Best”.

Does it make any sense?
Yes- if you are optimistic; No-if you are pessimistic.

Your attitude will decide your path in life.

It is easy to say but hard to do.

Hard, is the term that boils in your head when you want to do something unique that you never did before.Yeah! It is a natural feeling.

When I started this blog, I had no previous experience of writing. I had no knowledge of coding. I had no skill to manage social media promotions. I was not a tech geek.

Still, I am running this blog for last 3 months.Maybe it’s not a big achievement for you but for me it’s everything. It took me 144 hours to write my first article. Here it is.

However, 3 months is not enough time to consider and I have not done any wonders but it has value for me. You can relate to me. But,
No, I am not a great writer.
No, I am not a so-called self-improvement guru.
No, I am not earning any money from my blog.

Then, Why I write?

I write because I am passionate about it.
I write for my inner satisfaction.
I write to purify my inner soul.
I write because I love to write.
I write because I know there will be someone who wants to read my articles.

Are you still reading? If yes- thank you for your valuable time.

I must respect your time and effort.

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I know, My English is not that good to write like a native English writer.I know, I do grammatical mistakes but I am learning and if you are learning from your mistakes then actually you are moving ahead in life.

Then, what?
Should I stop to write?
Should I stop to follow my passion?

Absolutely NO!

The point is, “You don’t have to be perfect for starting”.

4 steps for you towards the achievements.

1.Find your hidden passion.

2.Polish it.

3.Nurture it.

4.Be an expert in it.

A question to ask you for?

What is the most important thing for you in life?

Is it money?
Is it your quality of life?
Is it your passion?
Is it inner satisfaction?

Search in your inner soul, don’t Google it.

If your answer is Passion, bravo! You have nailed it.

Money, Quality of Life and Inner Satisfaction, you can achieve by following your passion.

This is neither a fairy tale nor a fable.This is the reality of life. This is the truth; you don’t want to embrace.

Do you want to start something new on your own?
Do you want to quit your job for searching new opportunities?
Do you want to live your dreams?

Then simply, risk, challenge and courage three elements to remember.

Take calculated risk,
Challenge yourself,
Build Courage to handle the odds.

You know your passion now, but passion alone cannot make you successful.

Passion+ Dedication+ Action= Way to Success.

The soul of successful life is Action.

All the plans, all the talent, all the potential and all the passion can go in vain if you are not committed to taking action.

Take the action first then hope for the better result.

“You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water.”
Rabindranath Tagore

Action yields results.

You need to think and kick off then everything will be possible.

Three things to avoid.

1.Don’t make the assumptions before starting anything.

2.Don’t create the worthless metaphors.

3.Don’t doubt your abilities.

Nothing is assured in life. Am I right?

Enjoy the ride; you are your mentor and guide.

Leave out your comfort zone, and then only, you will be comfortable to achieve growth.

Many small steps= you can easily reach your destination.

Starting is the most difficult task. Sometimes too much thinking kills the excitement and creativity. Then don’t waste too much time in thinking - “Start Now”.

Passion without action is like a body without a soul.If you have a passion for something, develop it and nourish it then turn the passion into expertise.

Final words,
What happens if you fail?
I have an answer for it.

“Take risks in your life.
If you win, you can lead!
If you lose, you can guide!
Swami Vivekananda

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