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Song of Life-Short and Inspirational poem about Life

Beautiful song of life.

Song of Life.

Life is a morning to wake up
Life is an Evening to grow up
Life is a day to admire
Life is a night to overlook the fear

Life is a present to live on
Life is a past not to dwell upon
Life is a future to think about
Life is a seed to nurture

Life is a sound to hear
Life is a gem to wear
Life is a game to play
Life is a hope to pray

Life is a candle to light
Life is a struggle to fight
Life is a success to achieve
Life is a failure to forget

Life is yes to positive
Life is no to negative

Life is a book to read
Life is a hunger to feed

Life is a problem
Life itself is a solution

Life is a thought
Life is a juggernaut

Life is a dream
Life is a wonderful theme

Life is a mind
Life is a soul

Life is a desire
Life is a wing of fire

Life is a purpose
Life is a beautiful pose
Life is a fun
Life is a smile gun
Life is a faith
Life is a breath

Life is a sunrise
Life is a sunset

Life is nothing
Life is everything

Life is today
Life is every day

Life is smile
Life is worthwhile

Life is a race
Life is a grace
Life is the rest
Life is the best

Life is a word
Life is a tale

Life is happiness
Life is tenderness

Life is a sunshine
Life is a rain
Life is a Start
Life is an End

Life is for fly
Life is for dream
Life is for ask
Life is for inspire
Life is for care
Life is for practice
Life is for victory
Life is for leverage
Life is for love

Life is Life
Life is nothing but our thought’s wife.

Positive Words for Inspiration.


Day by Day
Hour by Hour
Minute by Minute

I dig myself deeper and deeper and deeper
To find the real identity of mine

In the quest for myself

I search in the inner soul
I search in the inner mind
I search in the inner shadow
I search in the hidden reality
I search in the plethora of problems

I search
I feel
I Observe
I see
I believe
I find
I react
I ask
I reply

In the search for my real identity
I find my true potential

I know Google is an AI- Artificial Intelligence
but my soul is
CCI-Constructive, Consistent and Cumulative Intelligence

Today is a day of freedom from the fear
Today is a day of hope for good
Today is a day of soul-searching

Happy Soul-Searching with the keywords of hope, faith, joy, and reality.

Friends, this was my little effort to express my feelings through the poem.If you like, do share this Life-Song or Life-Lyrics with your friends and family.

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