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Why? - An Inspirational Short Poem for Motivation in Life

Short Inspiring Poems for Motivation in Life

Motivational Poem for Inspiration

Motivational poems and Inspirational short stories are simple yet powerful tools to get motivation in life’s crisis.

This short inspiring poem will inspire you to think differently and do something unique and extraordinary that can change your entire life.

Why don’t you dare?
Why do you do, so much care?
Why is this hidden fear?
Why don’t you hear?
You are born to Win.

Why are you, still in a cage?
Why don’t you jump out from the hostage?
Why is your talent going into wastage?
Why is this sudden stoppage?
You are born to Lead.

Why do you worry?
Why your dreams are blurry?
Why do you look always in a hurry?
Why don’t you write your Success Story?
You are born to Rule.

Why don’t you break the rules?
Why don’t you sharpen the tools?
Why are you, behaving like fools?
Why don’t you set fire to the fuel?
You are born to Shine.

Why do you lie to yourself?
Why are you living a life of someone else?
Why don’t you forget everything else?
Why don’t you unlock your life, from the invisible scary shelf?
You are born to Run.

Why do you cry?
Why don’t you fly high in the sky?
Why don’t you see the things from the eagle’s eye?
Why your problems, don’t have a prompt reply?
You are born to Soar.

Why don’t you come out from the comfort zone?
Why do you think negative? Just remember, you are not alone.
Why don’t you set your own original tone?
Why don’t you utilize the failures as a stepping-stone?
You are born to Roar.

Why don’t you accept the truth?
Why your thoughts are dead? When you are still the youth.
Why don’t you walk on the dangerous path?
Why are you, not solving the life’s critical math?
You are born to Explore.

Why don’t you cross the limit?
Why do you spoil your precious minutes?
Why are you not feeling life’s spirit?
Why your body, mind and soul are hungry? Why don’t you feed it?
You are born to Fight.

----Message of Alimighty----

Why do you blame?
Why are you still the same?
Why are you not playing the risky game?
Why are you not burning the flame?
You are born to Discover.

Why don’t you see the dream?
Why don’t you become the supreme?
Why don’t you change the useless theme?
Why don’t you make the efforts extreme?
You are born to Inspire.

Why don’t you take the powerful action?
Why don’t you nurture your passion?
Why giving up without struggle is a fashion?
Why don’t you get the inner satisfaction?
You are born to Excel.

Why don’t you transform your pessimistic attitude?
Why don’t you raise your aptitude?
Why don’t you share your gratitude?
Why are you spending beautiful life in solitude?
You are born to Cheer.

Why don’t you ask these burning questions?
Why don’t you get some suggestions?
Why don’t you learn positive lessons?
Why don’t you believe in a progression?
You are born to Ask and Reply.

You are born to ask-
You are, your questions and you are, your answers.

“He who asks questions cannot avoid the answers.”
Cameroon Proverb.

Questions are the powerful tool to get the motivation. Without asking questions, no one can find the answers.

If you have the questions for yourself, you will definitely try to find the answers.

I hope you have liked this motivational poetry for success and now, you will begin to ask questions to yourself for getting the maximum out of the lives.

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