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A Message from God for You-An Inspirational Message

Teachings of Almighty God
Last night,
I got a spiritual and inspirational message from God. He was a little bit upset.
He sent me a persuasive message like this:

A Message from God

Dear Child,
You are my finest creation on the earth.
You are the only creature on the earth who can think what is good and what is bad, what is right and what is wrong, that was your most precious asset.

But, I was wrong,
You are not thinking anymore with your enlightened mind, you are not using your unlimited brainpower.

I must say,
You are not the man whom I made;
I made a man not a machine, but you turned yourself into a money-making machine.

I made you with utmost care, love, and affection, but you do not care about anyone.

I crafted you with the set of emotions,
However, I am clueless
Where you pawned those feelings.

I created you to brighten up the light of truth on the earth, but
You transformed yourself into a liar.

I sent you there to spread smile and joy, but I must admit,
You are responsible for the hatred and ignorance on the earth.

You divided the humanity,
You created Caste, Creed and Sect there,
You divided man into colours,

For me colour doesn’t matter, no matter -they are white or black;
All are my children.

I formed you as a pure soul like 24-carat gold
But ,
You polluted yourself,
You polluted yourself with the negativity and the useless thoughts.
Thoughts that are worse than the garbage.
Thoughts that are more poisonous than the venom of a Cobra.

I built you because I needed you; I needed you because I hoped-for creating a better world.

A world,
Where anyone can live everywhere without fear,
A world,
Where no one has to live with the tears.

You opposed my world,
You created havoc there,
You ruined my heaven,
You overrated yourself,
You forget me,
You forget my teachings,
You forget,
I can create you then I can destroy you.

I am almighty,
I am ubiquitous,
I am omnipresent,
I live in you,
I am you. You are my tiny particle.

If you think;
Still, I love you,
Still, I care you,
Still, I have faith in you,
No, you are wrong;

I am happy only because of my some child.
My some child’s are faithful,
My some child’s are spreading spirituality,
My some child’s are serving humanity,
My some child’s are teaching my lessons to the world,
They are my ability,
They are my agility,
They are my strength.
They are the reason why the earth is still ------? rest you know better than me.

They are awakened,
They are alive,
They are truly human being.
They are rose who lives between prongs like you.

Do you think? My words are too harsh,
If you think so, then try to remember;
When last time you spoke gently with someone,
When last time you helped someone,
When last time you came to my door without any expectation.

I bet, you cannot remember,
How can you remember anything, which you do not have done any time in your lifetime?

I sent this message to you as a reminder,
I sent this message to you as an alert,
I sent this message to you as a wake-up call.

You have a time;
Arise, Awake , and Alive.

Be fearless,
Be determined,
Be spiritual,
Be You,
Be You and when You become YOU then YOU become ME.
I Am in You and You are in Me.

I am with you then why you worry,
I am with you then why you limit yourself,
I am with you.
I will be there to look after you;


I will take care of you.

I hope,
You will be a better person now.
I hope,
You will be the person of noble character now.
I hope,
I have clearly conveyed my message to you.

In case, you have some doubt, let me know via message or call.

Do you have my number?
I think you do not have.

Just open and free yourself,
Open up,

Look inside you, somewhere in deep or in little deeper, I have left my number.

Self-realization is the only single digit you will need to call me.

This message was too long, but I promise you I will never message you again;
Because I have decided to warn you once in a lifetime.
I can create you, I can destroy you.


I Love you because I am your father,I am your creator, and I am your saviour.

This is God, signing off.

-------------------------------End of Message--------------------------------------

This was the message and teaching of God I got, I am thinking deeply from now.

We are all son of God,
God helps us,
God teaches us,
God listens to us,
Because he knows, we need him.

A teaching of God is a blessing of God.

An Appeal to you,
If you liked this post, do share in the social media you are present.

Spread positivity.Live and let live, and
You Get what you Give.


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