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What to do When you feel Low? 9 Simple and Practical Tips to Uplift Your Bad Mood

What to do when you feel low?

I’m sure, you have Googled this keyword, what to do when my mood is off, many times in your life.

Because I know no matter how successful and positive you are towards your life, sometimes feeling low and anxious is inevitable.

I too often feel low because of numerous reasons:

> I feel low because I find not enough money in my bank account.
> I feel anxious because I think I have wasted good years of my life doing nothing.
> I feel down because I see most of my friends are successful in their lives, but I’m nowhere yet.

You see, there are hundreds of reasons to feel anxious.

One reason could be your mental health too. If you are not feeling well, get help from someone who understands you.

We cannot control each and everything in our life. We have to understand it. But our mind plays games with us. The monkey mind controls our thoughts and our lives.

I can tell you, feeling down is the worst thing that can happen with anyone. I have gone through this bitter situation many times, so I can tell you what to do when your mood is low or a few practical tips to uplift your mood.


Are you smiling now?

Please smile, my friend. Your smile is priceless.

9 simple tips when you feel emotionally low

1: Stop using electronic gadgets

See, electronic gadgets (smartphones, laptops, smart watches) that we use are here for our help, they are our servants, and they mustn’t control our life and time. So just turn off your smartphone, laptop, or tv for an hour or two. It will help you focus on your thoughts.

2: Call your best friend

Yup, calling your best friend who understands you is the miracle when you’re anxious or when negative thoughts hostage you. Just tell them your situation and if they are your real friends then they will leave everything and listen to you without judging you.

I started this social initiative. You can email me if you have no one to talk to I will Listen to You

3: Remind your past successes to yourself

I was a good student when I was in school but after that, I never achieved anything mentionable in my life. Whenever I feel I am worthless I just see some of the certificates I received for my excellent performances in school days. You can do the same.

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4: Dive deep into your happy memories

Happy memories are our best friend when you don’t want to get help from anyone or just want to fight with your foe single-handedly, I got you, my friend. We all have those memories that can put a smile on our faces, it could be your trip with your best friend, it could be your birthday party, it could be the 25th marriage anniversary of your parents, it could be anything.

You can see those photos on your mobile or watch videos on your laptop and cheer up yourself.

You can also read these one word quotes to motivate yourself.

5: Read your favorite book

Reading is my daily habit which I can’t leave until I’m alive. And I can’t say how impactful this one habit was in my life.

You can start reading a few chapters or a few pages of the book you like the most when your energy is low. It will help you overcome your current mood and put you in the world of the story you’re reading....You can also watch your favorite movies and shows if those things set your mood right.

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6: Go for a long walk

Go for a long walk, alone.

Be a wanderer.

Forget what you are, what you do, or what you’re feeling right now. Just enjoy the beauty of nature, walk slowly, talk with strangers, feel the cooling breeze on your face, seat near the river,……

Just escape from your 10*10 room. And try to connect with the outside world without any expectations.

7: Write down your thoughts

I can tell you with 100% accountability that writing and reading are two of the best skills anyone can have in the world.

If you already write or journal then it may be easy for you to put down your thoughts but if you never write then don’t worry, I have a simple yet powerful solution for you.

Just think about your current situation. And write down 10 one-liner simple tips to overcome it. You don’t write these tips to show to anyone, these tips are just for you, these tips may be utter garbage still write them.

This simple exercise helps you lower the extra burden or baggage of negativity from your mind.

8: Take a break

I totally disappreared for almost 2 months for the outside world when I failed in one of my bank interviews.

You just have to take a break from your work, forget about deadlines, forget about your goals , and forget your office politics.

Spend quality time with yourself or with your loved ones. Taking a long break may not be possible for you because of responsibilities but I think a 2-3 day break can also work.

9: Seek professional help

See, there is nothing wrong to visit a mental health expert if you’re unable to overcome the situation by yourself.

They will understand your situation and guide you. Sometimes, we think we’re simply overthinking and we will be normal with time but it can be a sign of depression or any other problem too.

Don’t take a chance, give yourself the best treatment because you deserve it.

So, I think you’re smiling again after reading these tips to overcome your low mood.

Again, smile and laugh not because you’re facing a problem or not in your best mood, but because it’s your right and it’s your priority.

And why it’s your priority?

Think for a minute!

Thought about it?


Smiling, laughing, and enjoying your life must be your priority because you’re your priority, and you’re your responsibility.

No one, yes, I say that one more time, no one will come to rescue you. So rescue yourself.

This article was an answer for your question, what to do when you feel low. I hope you have enjoyed reading tips that can uplift your mood.

Please share this post with your friends if you get any value from it.

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Use this article for general information only. This article does not present medical or professional help.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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