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Until you decide to change, no one can change your life-Today is the Day to start changing your Life- Just Do It .



Thank you very much for taking interest in my blog.

I am Laxminarayan Gupta aka Shubham Gupta. I'm a camera shy person so not putting my photo here. But I'm not a robot. I'm a simple human being like you.

I am one of the top contributors of this blog, other contributors are- The Almighty, Readers of this blog(YOU) and my inspiration to start blogging "Mr.Kulwant Nagi"- The owner of He was the guy who inspired and helped me to start a blog.

Mr. Pardeep Goyal, owner of He also helped me a lot. Thanks to both of them.

I am from Nagpur.

I'm not an expert in anything but I'm a persistent learner and an avid Reader.

I love to read books for my inner satisfaction. I think everyone should read books. Because books are not merely written words. But books are life experiences of the people who wrote them...

I am a B.Sc. graduate.

From my childhood, I developed a good interest in writing short stories and poems but I was writing mostly in Hindi.

I also volunteered for some NGOs, especially NGOs that were wroking in educational field. I learned valuable life lessons to helping people without expecting any return gift from them.

The good habit of reading books and other good materials saved me in my life's crisis.

Actually, I started this blog to test my abilities and strengths. I also want to add more value to my life by helping other people to solve their day-to-day problems. This blog also helped me to solve my own problems because to write I had to read and read a lot. And that time I understood many new conecpts about human behavior and human psychology. I always underestiamated my capabilities and strenghts but day by day I'm learning to believe in myself.

I was a Hindi medium student from class 1 to college; so it was not easy for me to write blog posts in English. Still, I gathered courage to try and I tried. I don't know how will I do. But I will do.

There are only two things you need to focus on when you think you can't.

. Self-Belief, and

. Positive Attitude

Positivity helps you think positive aspects in every situation.

I must say, just try to be real and the world will definitely respect your thoughts and ideas.

One more thing, I want to add here. If anyone wants to contribute to my work, he or she is welcome to join me because

When we share something with other people, we get real satisfaction.

Always Remember,

When we fail, we learn something new that we never knew before.

You CAN when you think Positive, you CAN'T when you think Negative. The choice is yours because the life is Yours

If you need any help, if you have any suggestions or if you want to add value to this blog by sharing your thoughts, you can reach me at-

[email protected]

Thanks for giving me your valuable time....

Keep reading and sharing the "positivity" around you.

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