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73 Inspirational Quotes on Encouragement When You Want to Encourage Yourself and Your Loved Ones Going Through Hard Times

73 Inspirational Quotes on Encouragement When You Want to Encourage Yourself and Your Loved Ones Going Through Hard Times

Encouragement is like water to the soul, it makes everything grow. ― Chris Burkmenn
( Inspirational quotes on encouragement)

You know how bad it feels when things are not going your way, and you feel like quitting and hiding yourself from the world.

It happens with almost everyone because life is not a straight line. Life is a zigzag. Ups and downs are part of life.

Sometimes, when you can't handle the pressure, words of encouragement and strength can show the lights of hope and the candles of possibilities in your life.

The author Roy T. Bennett put it rightly.

One word of encouragement can be enough to spark someone’s motivation to continue with a difficult challenge….

So, today I'll share inspirational quotes on encouragement that will brighten your mood and uplift your spirit.

You can send these words of encouragement quotes to someone you know going through hard times. It will build their confidence, lift them up, and give them strength and superpower to fight with challenges they're facing.

Inspirational Quotes on Encouragement by Famous People

1. If you fail, never give up because F.A.I.L. means "First Attempt In Learning".The end is not the end, in fact, E.N.D. means "Effort Never Dies." If you get No as an answer, remember N.O. means "Next Opportunity", So let's be positive.— Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

2. If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.— Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

3. No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.— Demi Lovato

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4. It is never too late to be what you might have been.— George Eliot

5. A champion is defined not by their wins but by how they can recover when they fall. — Serena Williams

6. You will never do anything in this world without courage.It is the greatest quality in the mind next to honor. — Aristotle

7. Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.— Judy Garland

8. Encourage yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself.Never doubt who you are. — Stephanie Lahart

9. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.— Helen Keller

10. Encourage yourself, believe in yourself, and love yourself.Never doubt who you are.— Stephanie Lahart

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11. Everything is within your power, and your power is within you.— Janice Trachtman

12. Every chance worth taking will make you a little scared.That means you're taking a risk.And where there is risk, there is reward. — Elise Kova

13. If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.— Milton Berle

14. Don’t believe the negative criticisms.You are capable beyond measure.— Lailah Gifty Akita

15. Do what you feel in your heart to be right—for you’ll be criticized anyway.— Eleanor Roosevelt

Short Inspirational Quotes on Encouragement Written by MotivationJet

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16. Don't worry. Time will be alright again.

17. You're not alone. I'm always with you.

18. Smile my friend, you're gold.

19. Do your best, and leave the rest.

20. Why fear when your friend {your name} is here.

21. The path may be difficult, but I know you will reach your destination.

22. Keep hustling so we can celebrate your achievement one day.

23. You're born to win. Win big.

24. One failure doesn't define your life. Rise again.

25. Concentrate on what you're doing. And forget all other things.

26. You'll always be an inspiration for me, even if you fail because you give your 100%.

27. Forget those bad days, dear. The future is bright.

28. Your positive energy has always fueled inspiration in me.

29. Look into a mirror. The person you're seeing is a person who has the power to change the world.

30. You rock, your ideas rock, your words rock.

31. Dare to live your dreams.

32. What is wrong with you? Don't you know how easily you overcame the obstacles last time?

33. I believe in you. You have to believe in yourself.

34. Be optimistic. Things will change for the better.

35. Better days are coming. Be ready to give me a party.

36. Wear your confidence and do what you want to do.

37. You're a writer of your life story. Write it beautifully.

38. You're wise. You're smart. You're strong.

39. Be strong and permit yourself to explore the unexplored paths. You may find a treasure there.

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40. I do not doubt your abilities. I know you can do whatever you want to do.

41. You may be going slower than others, but you're still going, not stopping. And it's your first win.

42. Your courage is your real strength.

43. What others think about you is neither my problem nor yours.

44. I admire you, I respect you, and I care for you.

Encouraging Quotes to Encourage Someone

45. Success is not a big deal for you. Sooner or later, you will succeed.

46. This too shall pass.

47. Your smile is my life. Your honesty is my power.

48. You're your most valuable asset, and mine too.

49. Your ability to handle difficult situations without any stress is your superpower.

50. Dedicated and talented, these two words have just one meaning for me, and that definition is you.

51. Focus on your strengths. You're capable of more than you can ever imagine.

52. You're a source of infinite motivation for me. Keep spreading positivity.

53. You're a winner for me even if you don't win because you tried your best.

54. Give it a try. You may learn and experience something new.

55. Don't aim for perfection. Do your job the best way you can.

56. Don't be in a hurry. Keep patience. Great things take time.

57. Embrace your shortcomings and work to improve them.

58. Forget your past. Learn to live in the present moment.

59. You're a blessed and loved soul.

Words of Encouragement Quotes to Share With Your Friends

60. Respect your thoughts, respect your ideas, and respect your life.

61. I'm proud of you because of your endless zeal to progress.

62. Be your real you because it's the only thing that matters.

63. You will never win if you never begin. The beginning is the first step toward winning.

64. Make it happen, my friend. Shock the world with your results.

65. Take your time, and do things at your own pace. You're not running in a race.

66. Don't compare your life with others. Others will never match your uniqueness.

67. Live your life your way. No one is going to stop you.

68. Love yourself every day without worrying about the world.

69. You're always a champion for me who knows how to play and win the game.

70. You can do it, my friend. You can do it. Push yourself hard. Try it one last time.

71. Tell yourself you're strong because you're strong.

72. Ignore haters. You owe nothing to them.

73. Be your best version.

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