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Life is calling you-Are you listening

Life is calling you-Are you listening
We are busy people. We are busy with our smartphones, we are occupied with our laptops, we are engaged in our office, we are labouring in our day-to-day life, we are overbusy in doing nasty activities, but we don’t have enough time to chat with our inner mind and soul.

What does it mean?

Why am I writing this irrelevant article?

Why am I forcing you to read this article?

I am not a great writer, nor I write exceptionally well then why should you read this piece of writing?

You should read because you are the caretaker of your life and it’s your moral obligation to yield joyful thought for your lives.

Short Inspirational Story on Self-Confidence

We often talk about the purpose of life, we frequently talk about how to achieve success in life, oftentimes we busy in reading motivational and inspirational quotes about life, but we don’t change our attitude towards the life, why?

We are a human being but we are working like a machine. We are rigorously trying to accomplish our goals, we are burning the midnight oil but the truth is we are going far away from our real identity and realm of internal satisfaction.

Famous Quotes by Famous People

We have time to chat with our anonymous Facebook friend, we have got time to post a selfie of our beautiful face on different social networking websites, we have enough time to communicate with our employees, business associates, and friends but we are busiest when it comes to talking with our inner mind, body, and soul.

I got a burning question to ask and a dilemma to resolve.

Are we really hearing the voice of our life?

You and I already know the answer to this intriguing question but we had never dared to reveal the secret.

Because we never want to look in the such a mirror that shows ugliness, we never want to open up to the people who know our weaknesses and we never want to face our real face of life.

We want a better life but we are not ready for the change.

We expect too much from life but we don’t want to listen to the song of life.

Beautiful Poem of Life

We are busy and always will be, but it’s time to feel the sensation of life. It’s time to spend some leisure time with life, and it’s time to hear the buzz of life.

Open up yourself to sing the song of life,
Open up yourself to write the lyrics of life,
Open up yourself to live the life in fullest.

I asked myself, Why am I not happy with my life?

My life answered me, you don’t have a time for me, you don’t have answers to my questions, you don’t have a message to send me, you don’t have gossips to share with me, you don’t have resources to raise my standards, you have all the time for wandering but you don’t have merely 30 minutes in a day to chat with me, to talk with me, to hear me, I am not happy with you, then how can you live happily with me?

Short Motivational Story of Butterfly

I perplexed in that moment, I drenched with the emotions, but I was happy. I just discovered the way to happiness. I just invented the tool for cutting the sorrow and pain, and I just found myself and my inner soul.

The only question for you after discovering the path of happy life,
Life is calling you-Do you have some time for listening to the song of life.

Ask this question and try to find the answer.

Till then, just remember

Life is always a beautiful gift wrapped with the emotions.

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