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The Most Positive 2-Minute Micro Habits to Have in Your Life

Are you searching for the best habits to have in your life?

Well, you have landed in the right place.

Relax. And keep reading.

Cultivating new habits and breaking old routines is not an easy task, because our mind forms patterns and becomes accustomed to doing certain things again and again—even if those things are not good for us.

Bad habits are evil creatures. We can’t easily defeat them.

Our daily rituals or habits can make or break us.

Yes, 100%.

Today, I will share some best habits to adopt in your life...These micro habits look and feel dead-simple that you can’t even imagine the lifelong positive impact of these rules.

You can change your life 2-minutes a day by incorporating a few self-improvement habits in your daily activities.

Can you steal 2 to 5 minutes every day from your busy schedule to improve your career, health, business, and life?

Here are 41 life-changing best habits to have—These daily mini routines make you healthier, wealthier, and happier.

1: Write down your thoughts every single day in a diary.

2: Read a page or two of your favorite book.

3: Give yourself a boost by reading one inspirational quote.

4: WhatsApp a beautiful good morning message to someone you love and care about.

5: Learn a new fact just about anything.

6: Say thanks to your spouse.

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7: Help a needy person.

8: Show kindness.

9: Love your furry friends.

10: Play with kids.

11: Call your parents.

12: Find a new opportunity on the internet.

13: Spend time with yourself.

14: Learn a new English word or any other language word you’re interested in.

Today, I learned a new word, Mycology, the study of Fungi.

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15: Make your bed.

16: Organize your work desk.

17: Be nostalgic. Dive deep into beautiful memories and events of your life.

18: Walk a few steps.

19: Meditate, simply, close your eyes, and relax.

20: Listen to your favorite track.

21: Prepare yourself for the next day, one night before.

22: Make a list of 5 things you’re grateful about.

23: Email your ideal person.

24: Do simple physical exercise for 2 minutes.

25: Brainstorm new ideas every single day.

26: Prepare your to-do list or not-to-do list.

27: Take a cold shower.

28: Get sunlight.

29: Stay away from all electronic gadgets for at least 2 minutes.

Try to expand this powerful tiny habit for 30 minutes.

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30: Try deep breathing.

31: Update yourself on world happenings.

32: Hone your skills by learning a new tip or trick.

33: Give 2 minutes to your hobby.

34: Draw whatever comes to your mind on paper.

I like to draw funny cartoon faces. I find immense pleasure in doing it.

35: Sow a seed for your future.


See, your today’s work may not get you instant results, but it may bring you future wins. This post is a seed for the future, so I will enjoy traffic on this article.

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36: Review your actions and decisions. This daily habit could take more than 5 minutes.

37: Watch a comedy video to tickle your funny bones.

38: Be a child for 2 minutes. Dance, jump, play, do anything.

39: Offer prayers.

40: Reply to someone who asked you for help, and you didn’t respond because of your busyness.

41: Tweet daily for 90 days at least, and see what happens next.

Tweet about your life experience, industry, job, work, skill, or anything.

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These are some of the best habits to have in life. This daily habits list can be life-changing for you.

You don’t have to practice all these habits daily. Take the best suitable ones and start them from tomorrow.

Why tomorrow?

Today is the best day.

Please share this list of small habits with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter so they can also improve their lives.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

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