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Best Out of Waste-Meet the Man who Crafts Magic with Waste Coconut Shells

While searching best out of waste ideas on the internet, you can see amazing things to make with waste materials.

So, let me ask you a simple question- what can you make with Waste Coconut Shells?

You might be thinking, what can you do actually?

Let me tell you, nothing is waste because there are many people who craft amazing things from these waste materials.

Today, I am excited to share this amazing story because it is not just about creativity..........But it's all about Passion, Dedication, and Devotion.......

Sunil More, a primary teacher from Sindhkheda, a small village in Maharashtra, has a great passion for making adorable eco-friendly crafts from waste shells of coconut.

Image: Best Out of Waste Ideas

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Coconut shells are mostly discarded in the garbage as waste. Because many of us don't know that we can make amazing handicraft items from waste coconut shells.

Sunil More's creative mind think over it and he decided to craft something new and innovative from these waste shells.The great best out of waste idea.

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He picked up these waste shells and made thousand of beautiful craft products...

You might be excited to know, how this journey started?

I had the same question...So, I asked him...

Sunil says,

It was 2010 when during Pahile Trip, Konkan Coasts, I discovered that waste materials can be used to make beautiful crafts...

Here I found that vendors were selling beautiful pieces made of seashells, bamboo, and wooden toys.

Inspired by the creativity I too tried my hands at it but I wanted to create something new ecofriendly best out of waste.

So, I started to recycling the coconut waste shells into the adorable craft. Soon, my interest turned into a passion.

Today if you visit him, you will be amazed to see a huge collection of handmade coconut shells crafts..

His first creation from a coconut shell was a beautiful Tortoise.

Image: Coconut Shell Tortoise

It took him a week to craft this because he had no idea on how to cut the shell, how to smooth the surface, or how to glue together the various parts of shells. ...

But his innate curiosity and artistic streak took charge and he learned all these things...

Like a Tortoise, he began slowly but today he is winning the race...

Creativity always Wins.

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He set up up a large home gallery in 2016 to display thousands of craft items. And a large number of people visit him to see these coconut shell artistic pieces...

Every month he collects 50 to 60 shells from the temple side, and from his neighborhood. ....

After school hours, he spends three to four hours every day to create these awesome things...

Soon more and more people got to know about this innovative school teacher. And he was invited to hold exhibitions and conduct coconut shells art workshops in 75 places in Maharashtra.

In 2018 he was invited to participate at state education fairs in four divisions of Maharashtra. Craft Teachers and Art Lovers from various districts visited and applauded his creativity.

Sunil More has received 14 awards so far, including, Innovative Teacher of India, The Ideal Teacher of Maharashtra, and an Exceptional Teacher Award...

Sunil says, in 2019 only because of this creativity I got entry into the India Book of Records for making over 900 handicrafts from the coconut shells and it was an unforgettable moment for me.

He shares his skills with others so that waste material is put to good use and the environment remains clean...A great initiative to save the environment...

He guided his students for coconut shells craft ideas .His students crafted 50 coconut shells Turtles, which were displayed and sold within an hour at a city fair at 50 Rs a Turtle.

He bought drawing books, colors, brushes for his students to motivate them on their artistic approach.

Though Tortoise continues to be Sunil More's favorite craft, he also makes a range of animals from Monkey to Rats and Rabbits.

He carves,

Ganesha, Trophies, Momentos, World Cup, Flower Pots, Flowers, Hanging Show Pieces, Wall Decorations, Birds, Trees, Dolls, Toys, Cups, Pen stands, Mugs, Ships, Night Lamps, Badges, Keychain. And even beautiful ornaments like Necklaces, Bangles, Ear Rings, Pendants....

You name it, he crafts.

While the smallest creations of coconut shells are 5 cm, the bigger ones like Trophies and Lamps could be 1.5 feet high.

I asked him, why don't you commercialize this art?

No !I can't, he said, Each new creations I upload on social media and draws comments and praise from my followers.

That is enough for me!.' When the hand, head, and heart come together the creations has the commercial value' says others. But I don't want to commercialize my devotion. I am comfortable with my salary.'

I also approached him once to buy a Coconut Shell Lamp but he refused to sell the item ......

Crafts which he made are less expensive, say 20 to 30 Rs but the market value of these pieces goes up to 200 to 500 Rs. He has trained around 500 people till now including his students. And encouraged them to become micro-entrepreneurs...

Sunil is just an example of a brilliant talent from small towns. Many such stories are still hidden..But I promise you to bring all such stories in front of the world...

Sunil has filled himself with hope and positivity. He is aiming for Limca and Guinness Book of Records now.....

I also requested Sunil to share a tutorial to make a Tortoise with waste coconut shells.

Best Out of Waste-How to Craft a Tortoise with Coconut Shells

Tools for making a Tortoise craft from coconut shell.

1.Waste Coconut shells

2.White Chalk

2.Hacksaw Blade

3.Polish Paper


5.Acrylic or Oil paints or Varnish

You can buy all these items from here

Steps to follow -

1. Take some shells of coconut.

2. Think about the shape and size of Tortoise to make from the shell.

3. Take a white chalk and mark outline which you have to cut.

4. With the help of Hacksaw Blade cut out the marked outline from the shell.

5. Take other shells and draw the shape of the head- neck of Tortoise (it should be like spoon-shaped), also draw four legs, a tail on the shell, and cut out all parts by hacksaw blade.

6.After cutting all the body parts take polish paper and polish all the dust slowly. Your shell’s surface will be smoother now.

7. You should also smoothen the sharpened edges by polish paper.

8.Mark the position where all the body parts have its place.

9. Cut out a small area where the neck, legs, and tail have to fix.

10. Place each part to their places and paste the parts with m-seal.

11. Now, wait for a few minutes to dry the adhesive m-seal.

12. Take colors and paint with your ideas.

13. Dry out the wet colors.

14. A craft of Tortoise from coconut shells is ready with fewer expenses.
{ Other than this some waste material or branches of the tree can also be used for body parts of the Tortoise.}

Sunil is a creative mind that always tries to craft amazing things from coconut shells...

Let's give him applause for his good wishes...

You can contact him on Facebook.

I also request you to share this story everywhere from Facebook to Instagram to WhatsApp.Because then only we can encourage this artist to Craft Imaginations.

Do you want to read more such stories?

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