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Inspirational Moral Stories- Another Point of View

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Inspiring Short Stories with Moral Lessons( Stories about Attitude)

Short stories with good moral values are a powerful medium for not only effective communication, and advertisement but also for learning valuable life lessons in complex lives.

This is a short motivational story about attitude. A short story for kids, children, adults and of course for everyone who wants to move ahead in life.

Famous Short Story Quotes

A short story is a different thing altogether- a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger. – Stephen King

Once upon a time, there was a puppy named Tippy who lived with his mother in Tilak Nagar.

Tippy was scared of the dark. But what terrified him more were those awful, hairy creatures that flew in the dark-Bats!

When his mother, came to know of his fear, she scolded him.

“Bats are perfectly harmless creatures. You have been watching too many vampire movies, ” she said.

Though she banned television for Tippy after that, the damage had been done. It almost looked like he was going to be crippled by these two phobias for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, that wasn’t his only problem.

He also had a tendency to think that he alone was right no matter what, and often failed to see things from another person’s point of view (Bad Attitude). As a result, he often argued with his friends.

One day Tippy, ventured a little too far from his home while racing with his friends. He had gone so far ahead that he could not find his way back. Perhaps he should take the gully to the left ?. He trotted on till he reached a sharp turn to the right-----but that was the turn which led to the dense woods.

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“Oh dear !” he thought, “I am definitely lost. ”

It was very dark. Suddenly, Tippy felt something soft and furry fly past him. He barked in fright.

BATS !! Tippy froze.

He just lay down and put his paws protectively over his head. The minutes ticked by.

Wherever had that thing gone? He looked up and saw a Bat clinging in a weird manner to a tree branch above him. He was so astonished at the sight that he forgot about his fears.

He asked, “Do you know how far Tilak Nagar is from here? ”

“Not too far, ” the bat replied solemnly. “It is seven minutes flying distance from here if you fly really fast.”

“Err…..I don’t fly at all. I run.”

“Whatever,” said the bat with a shrug.

Feeling annoyed with the bat’s attitude, Tippy asked, “Well, can you tell me how I can reach Tilak Nagar? I have lost my way, you see.”

“It’s not hard. Just follow the landmarks on the ground above and you will….”

“The ground above?” Tippy interrupted incredulously.

“You mean the ground below.”

“No, I mean, the ground above.”

At this, Tippy realized with astonishment that the bat was hanging from the tree upside down.

“All right then. Maybe the ground is above,” he replied cautiously. He didn’t want to argue with this strange creature. After all, he badly needed the directions.

“But if you were to stand straight in a normal manner, ” Tippy continued,
“You would see that the ground is below.”

“The way you stand is normal according to you. But the way I stand is normal for me,” said the bat, gazing at Tippy unblinkingly.

Tippy did not know what to say. He had never met anyone quite like the bat.

“This bat is unusual in a rather cool way, ” thought Tippy.

Tippy had always had a black-and-white view of the world. Something was either right or wrong. It couldn’t possibly be both. But this bat believed that his view-literally was correct and, at the same time, agreed that Tippy’s view could also be correct.

“Which landmarks should I follow to reach Tilak Nagar?” Tippy finally asked.

“Listen carefully……” started the bat and he gave Tippy the necessary directions. Tippy thanked the bat and left for home.

His mother was relieved to see him. Tippy answered every one of her anxious questions but he did not tell her about his encounter with the bat.

Children don’t like telling their mothers everything. It is always fun to have a few secrets.

As time passed, Tippy’s mother noticed that he had lost his fear of the dark. There were other changes too in his personality.

He had fewer fights with his friends and was more tolerant towards others. As a result, Tippy made many more friends with creatures of other species too, including bats!

Powerful Moral Lesson of the story:

Attitude is everything. Change your Attitude and Change your Life.

Often times we make false assumptions about other persons in our life without knowing the actual truth.Sometimes we should think differently to judge the situation.

No one can always right and no one will be always wrong.

We should learn to accept other person’s opinion with whole-heartedly.

Listening is an art and the one who listens carefully can obtain the valuable knowledge and information from other people.

We should acquire strong and precious moral values from these very simple short moral stories.

I hope you have liked this short story with moral. Share this story on social media with your circle and let them inspire.

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Stay Motivated, Stay Ahead.

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