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The Power of Positive Words

Positive words have great power. Nice words can make your day.

It might be possible you have always underestimated ’the power of positive words’, ‘the power of positive thinking’ and ‘the power of your conscious and subconscious mind’.

Words are extremely powerful. Probably, you don’t know how positiveness and good words can make your life better and happy.

Positive words and inspiring sayings can do the magic for you and after hearing some good words of appreciation and gratitude you can feel more energetic, confident and responsible.

Similarly, negative and harsh words can harm your confidence; can change your mindset and completely wipe out your positive attitude.

You might think how is it possible to get the motivation in life from the simple words? How can the words control our behaviour and character?

So, it’s time to think and write these simple yet powerful and energetic words and sentences.

List 1: The Positives

• I can Do
• I am the Best
• I Know
• I am Happy

Now, jot down another four words and sentences, short and simple though can be used as a weapon to destroy anyone’s confidence.

List 2: The Negatives

• I Can’t do
• I am Not the best
• I Don’t know
• I am Not happy

I assume you’ve completed reading all these sentences.

Now just think and see our 1st list-The positives

In the first list, we’ve emphasized the words like
Do, Best, Know, and Happy.

All the emphasized words are positive words because they show Ability, Strength, and Hope.

Now, just take a deep breath for a minute and read aloud all above four sentences of our first list.

Repeat it, repeat again, repeat one more time, you’ve to read and repeat that positive sentences until you feel comfortable, confident, energetic, motivated and focused.

How do you feel now?
I guess,

You feel more relaxed, calm and positive now because you’ve injected positive thoughts, inspirational words and positive attitude in your mind.

Now, we must repeat the same process with our second list words to justify the impact of positive words.

In second list we have emphasized the words like
Can’t, Not, Don’t, Not

All these words are negative and bad words because they don’t show the feelings of responsibility, success or inspiration. These words have all the power to diminish your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Most importantly these harsh words can hack your mind and thinking process easily. You feel miserable after reading these words and negative thinking might trap you in emotional bondage.
Once your mind will begin to adopt negative thoughts, chances are high that your mind will be no longer able to think what is right and wrong for you.

So, theory is clear

Positive words can develop the sense of self-confidence, honesty, and happiness in your mind. So, it's better to use beautiful words that worth to listening and saying.


Words are mightier than the sword.
It is your job to use that weapon to make positive and better change in yourself.
Let's make a habit to reduce the use of bad and negative words from the day-to-day conversation.

Over to you
It’s a good idea to create your own dictionary of positive words, quotes, and sayings to get inspired daily.

Last but not the least,
Good work and good words should be going on, so do share these ‘positive bits’ with your friends.
Say Positive-Think Positive-Be Positive.

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