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A Thought, A Thing: The Two Fs

These two Fs will change your life if you let them.

I hated that person from the core of my heart because he did something very wrong to me.

I had to face a loss because of him. I just wanted to kill that person.

I was burning in the flame of hatred.

No matter what, I was unable to forget about my loss.

But it was me who was suffering.

I started hating myself because I thought I was so intelligent that no one could ever deceive me, but that person had exposed the truth.

I wanted to live with inner peace and a calm mind, but it was not possible without forgiving that person.

I tried an unorthodox method to get rid of the situation I had been stuck in.

I got help from the two Fs.

The two Fs are:

Forget, Forgive.

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Forget what they did to you because they will receive punishment sooner or later for their wrongdoings. The almighty sees all.

Karma is a boomerang.

Forgive them because you don't want to burn your life for others.

So what's the idea?

Get a piece of paper and a pen.

Write the below message on it. (You can customize the message as per your need. It's a basic idea)

I forget and forgive {person's name}. I've no authority to punish him for whatever wrong he did to me. My god will punish him for his mistakes.

I'm forgiving him for my inner peace and calmness.

I'll never remember that person's name again in my life.

I forget and forgive {person's name}

Now, this exercise is not easy because your mind will never easily accept it, and forgiving is an act of bravery.

The second step:

Read the whole statement at least five times. Inhale it, breathe it, and absorb it into your mind.

Keep this piece of paper in your pocket for at least 48 hours. Read it at least three times.

Don't tell anyone about your practice. Keep it secret.

The Third Step:

After 48 hours, you've to burn that piece of paper to forget and forgive that person.

Find a place where no one can see you. Get a matchstick out of the matchbox, read the statement one more time, close your eyes, and repeat that I'm forgiving {person's name} and will never think about him in my whole life.

Now, you have a matchbox, a matchstick, and a piece of paper. Light the matchstick and burn down that tiny piece of paper.

Stay there until it completely gets destroyed. And then leave that place with peace of mind.

Start living your life. Start doing whatever work you do. And all will be well in a few days, weeks, or months.

Imagine the exercise you did whenever you feel to hate that person again.

Order your mind to forget that person. And after a few days or months, that person will be out of your life.

And you will find your inner peace.

Remember, you forget and forgive others so you can live peacefully with yourself.

What they did to you was their mistake, but they will face the consequences one day.

If you do wrong, you will get punished.

I also did some wrong things to others. I don't know if they forget and forgive (actually, not forgivable) me or not. But I'm facing the consequences because that's what I deserve for my wrongdoings.

And I also never forgave myself for whatever I did. Although, I'm finding ways to get through it.

Please share your experience in the comments if you try the above Two Fs exercise. Share this exercise with your friends.

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