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A Thought, A Thing: The OLC

I agree with you.

Quitting is the best option when you can't continue any project or work you started and loved despite all your genuine efforts.

Taking stress from work you don’t want to continue is not good for your mental health.

I have quitted many projects midway in the past when I understood that those are not my things.

You must be honest with yourself.

But I will share one concept with you that you may want to follow before you quit.

And it’s OLC.

Frankly speaking, I’m not a successful person at all.

You may close the browser and stop reading if you think, why take advice from an unsuccessful person?

You’re welcome.

The truth is, I’m not a self-improvement coach or guru.

I’m a normal person like you who wanted to walk on a different path.

I tried, I struggled, I failed, I cried, and I survived.

First, 3 things that I wanted to quit that I loved all my whole life.

I wanted to stop writing at all
I wanted to quit my reading habit
I decided to delete this blog

I thought about all these things because I was battling with myself. I had no control over my thoughts.

But then I decided to try OLC. ( This one program helped me a lot to get disciplined and decide what I wanted to do with my life)

Now, what’s OLC?

Wish to achieve your dreams and transform your life in 90 days? This is the only and best self-improvement program (10,945+ sales with 4.9 ratings) you need. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.


Before you want to quit anything (I’m not talking about bad habits)

Just give it one last chance, a final try.

Why should you give one last chance to something you want to quit?

Good question, my friend.

Sometimes, victory is just one step ahead, and success is just that extra effort.

There is just a single tip you must follow when you give yourself and your project a last chance.

Try what you didn’t try before.
Work like you didn’t work before.
Do what you didn’t do before.

If you want to give ONE LAST CHANCE to something but want to continue it as you continued before, then better to quit.


Giving an extra chance demands extra determination, extra motivation, extra dedication, extra enthusiasm, extra creativity, and extra learning.

It demands everything EXTRA because it's a last chance.

There is no other option.
There is no other choice.

Give yourself 3-6 months, work hard, and set goals. If things work and you feel like continuing, then continue or quit.

I’ve given one last chance to MotivationJet. You should give one last chance to whatever project you started.

I’ll either delete this blog, stop writing and keep it as it is or let the domain expire if I feel like quitting.

Until then,

Give yourself ONE LAST CHANCE.

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